• Time: 2 Days 1 Night
  • Starting: Ha Noi
  • Vehicle: Car
  • Hotel: /theme/images/3.png stars
  • Adults: 92USD
  • Children: Call
Check out:
Total payment: 92USD

Ngày 1

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NIGHT 1: HANOI – HA GIANG (NIGHT STAY IN HA GIANG CITY) 19h00: Car and tour guide pick you up at the meeting point in Hanoi to depart for Ha Giang. On the way you stay overnight in the car. 01h30: You arrive in Ha Giang city to check in and rest
06:00 Have breakfast at the restaurant with traditional sour Pho. Sour pho can be found in many places, but sour pho in Ha Giang has many differences. After breakfast, check out and get on the bus to Dong Van Stone Plateau, located at an altitude of 1000 - 1600m above sea level, with many high rocky mountains, abysses, shark-tooth-shaped mountains, pyramid-shaped mountains.
07:00 You get on the bus to the first check-in point of the journey, which is Milestone 0 right in Ha Giang city, which marks the starting point of the legendary Happy Road.

07:40 You move to Quan Ba: From milestone 0 to Bac Sum slope about 30km, you stop here to admire the sea of ​​clouds. (Usually cloudy in the early morning)

09:00 You arrive at the Palace of the Vuong family (King Meo, the opium king of Indochina at that time) (more than 10km from Pao's house). This is the most unique architectural work in Ha Giang, a very special historical destination in Ha Giang.

10:30 You move to the northernmost point (Lung Cu Flagpole) with an altitude of about 1,470 m above sea level, in Lung Cu commune, Dong Van district, Ha Giang province, where the Northernmost observatory in Vietnam. Noon: Have lunch at the restaurant

13:40 You get on the bus to conquer Ma Pi Leng Pass, one of the most famous "Four Great Peaks" of Vietnam (Ma Pi Leng Pass, Khau Pha Pass, Pha Din, O Quy Ho), with an altitude of 2000m compared to Sea level with slopes, winding sleeves from here looking down on Nho Que River like a silk strip bending along the pass will give you an extremely interesting experience.

Conquering Tu San alley by boat: Here you can experience and see the Nho Que river by boat running along the mountainside. Sitting on the boat, upstream, watching the clear river winding around the mountainside, what a charming scene. The river is gentle, like a giant silk strip winding around the special geological layer in the deep Tu San alley and Ma Pi Leng pass. A scene that is both magnificent, poetic and romantic (expenses excluded). Then you move to Dong Van town to check in and rest.

19:00 Have dinner at the hotel restaurant. Freely explore the town at night with dishes such as: Au Tau porridge, Trang Kim noodle soup, boiled five colors, egg rolls dipped in bone broth, thang co, men men, and corn wine are must-try dishes once in Ha Giang

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06:00 Have breakfast. After breakfast, you have the opportunity to attend the Dong Van market meeting every Sunday morning. You have the opportunity to learn about the culture of the highland market and buy specialties as gifts for relatives and friends.
08:30 You visit Pao's house located in Lung Cam village. From the top of slope 9 looking down Pho Cao valley to the top of the slope there is a field of buckwheat flowers, this promises to be a beautiful point in your album conquering Ha Giang. (The buckwheat flower season from October to December)

10:00 Arrive at Tham Ma Doc. You stop here to admire a section of the pass like a soft silk strip, crossing the back of the mountain. The dangerous bends of the sleeve turned into the soft knots of that silk.

10:45 You visit Quan Ba ​​Heaven Gate: the point of view looking down "Quan Ba ​​Twin Mountain". Standing from here, you can see the poetic Tam Son town, cool all year round, like "Da Lat" of Ha Giang. In particular, you can admire with your own eyes the round and charming Quan Ba ​​Twin Mountain that looks like the full breasts of a sleeping fairy, very interesting geological tectonics in Ha Giang.
12:00 Have lunch at the restaurant. After lunch, you get on the bus back to Hanoi. On the way back, you stop at the stop to buy gifts for your loved ones.
20:00 You return to Hanoi, say goodbye to you and see you next time. (If you have a flight, please contact the tour consultant directly to book a suitable flight time. Free shuttle bus)